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Klonoa arrives on Wii, my impressions.

First I would like to say that I missed the launch date for one of my most anticipated games of the year. The original release date for Klonoa was May 5th and suddenly it was showing up on Gamestop's website as an April 30th release date but later got pushed back to May 5th so I thought nothing of it. As it ends up it was indeed released early (Atleast at Gamestop) on May 1st and I did not find this out until May 4th, in which case I decided to wait until it was released at Best Buy to purchase the game.

First let me explain breifly what Klonoa is all about for those who are unaware. This is a remake to a platformer game which originated on the Playstation 1 back in 1997. It is a 2.5D platformer as people like to refer to it as it is on a two dementional plane however this plane shifts the camera to give the effect of the game moving on three dimensions. The game is filled with cute charm and characters as well as a surprisingly engaging story. The platforming takes on light puzzle solving elements as Klonoa can grab his enemies and use them to give himself double jumps, hit switches, and more.

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Games I Bought Recently (Episode 13) "TooManyGames 09" Edition

Showing off what I bought on my trip to the TooManyGames 09 Convention in Leesport PA. Visit their website at


My Top 50 XBLA Games

I decided to do my XBLA collection in a countdown style to make it more fun. I currently own 53 XBLA games but for the sake of keeping it an even number I excluded the bottom 3 (which are revealed at the end of the video). Keep in mind my opinions on a lot of these arcade games are based off of the online multiplayer modes, which for most of these titles are now dead where hardly anyone plays them anymore.

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